Recent mural painted during CRUSH walls week in Denver! I love the way my city reps and supports their artists. Thanks to the CRUSH walls and all their volunteers for making this amazing event possible. Also got to throw all the love to Be A Good Person Brand for coming to me with a vision for their new store front and letting me run with it.

If you’re in Denver the mural is located in RiNo district on 27th and Larimer, right behind Denver Central Market.

I’m excited to have my painting ‘The Loungers’  included as a finalist in the 14th Art Renewal Center Salon. This year the ARC received over 4,300 entries from 73 countries. The finalists represented approximately 35% of works submitted, just over 1500 works.


“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” – Alan Watts.

I’ve had a hard time writing about this painting but Alan Watts summed it up in one brilliant sentence. Do not resist the flow of your world. Accepting change brings chaos into your life but with that comes new challenges and new fights to make you stronger. And in the end you will find a higher form of happiness and satisfaction because you accepted and faced what came at you. Embrace the change and you will grow from it.

I came up with the initial idea for this painting after I had left my job, home, and community to move out to North Carolina. Looking back at it, I have become a more fulfilled man for taking on this challenge: my smaller anxieties no longer control me, my determination has been refreshed, and I’ve found a higher love with an amazingly talented and kind woman. All because I joined the dance.

Happy to announce my poster design won the competition for the Decriminalize Denver campaign!

I have been a believer in the emotional healing power psilocybin can have on the human psyche. Research conducted by universities show how psilocybin helps many struggling from anxiety, depression, and PTSD. John Hopkins University even showed that psilocybin produced substantial and sustained decreases in depression and anxiety in patients with life-threatening cancer.

What would decriminalization in Denver do? Those who use mushrooms for their own personal betterment will no longer have to fear facing heavy fines, felony charges, incarceration or other life-altering consequences.

All you Denverites who share similar beliefs, voting happens May 7th on I – 301.

Recently I had the opportunity to live life adventurously and move across the country to the small coastal city of Wilmington. Tucked into a small peninsula on the southern tip of North Carolina, Wilmington is a unique colonial town surrounded by beautiful swamps and forests. I really appreciated the warm welcome I received from the community. Everyone was warm and welcoming, and had a huge passion for the arts.

During my stay Wilmington was hit by hurricane Florence. Thousands of people’s homes and businesses were destroyed. Thousands of people became isolated from their families in need of food and water. Over 600,000 went without power for over 2 weeks.

I was roused to create this piece; inspired and haunted by the power mother nature holds. Ægir is a Nordic mythological giant that represents the sea; not a god but equal in stature and power. For the sales of this print, 20% was donated to the ARC hurricane Florence relief and I was able to raise over $500! Many thanks to all my fans who helped support Wilmingtonians in their time of need.


24″ x 36″

Happy to announce my painting ‘Cascade’ from my new series ‘Subtle Bodies’ was accepted into ViewPoint 50 national exhibition. The show is presented by the Cincinnati Art Club, the second oldest art club in the nation. Excited to be a part of a great show!

I was inspired to paint this when I began coming out of a depression I had been stuck in. I realized I had been feeding myself all these negative thoughts for years and they finally made me collapse. Eventually I began slowly to re-inforce my positive thoughts, be more kind to myself and the more I did this the healthier I became.

Our thoughts are like the flow of water. In constant motion waterways begins as small brooks amassing to creeks then rivers that reach the ocean. Like rivers, our thoughts, actions, and beliefs practiced everyday build and become deeper. For myself I had to recognize the negative thoughts and bad habits and began replacing them with more positive, healthier options. I do believe we have a choice to be happy, it just takes practice and discipline.

Tobacco Barn

Tobacco Barn

12″ x 24″ Oil on Panel

This painting was commissioned by the lovely Kamie Edwards as a gift to her brother. During their childhood years living in rural North Carolina the surrounding countryside was dotted with Tobacco Barns. Today little remain of these vestiges of time but to Kamie and her family these oddly shaped, run-down buildings hold sentimental value. There was a time when her brother worked in one of these barns.

I wanted to give this painting the emotion of the gift itself; To have a warm reminiscent and secluded composition where a person would feel comfortable. The scene is set in the hours of dusk where a warm sunset sky is setting and a clearance in the woods where the barn presents itself. For the barn I painted an old but in use barn with tobacco drying in the opening. The walls and roof have warm orange highlights.

This was my second painting created in this more impressionistic style using nothing but a palette knife after a quick sketch. What I really enjoy about this technique is how to create shapes and detail through color. This technique absolutely advanced my understanding of suggestion of detail. The tobacco leaves in the foreground were just a couple strokes with the knife and they fade into the shadows of the edges of the painting. What this does is suggest the field of plants in front of the barn without distracting the viewers eye from the subject in the middle ground.