24″ x 36″

Happy to announce my painting ‘Cascade’ from my new series ‘Subtle Bodies’ was accepted into ViewPoint 50┬ánational exhibition. The show is presented by the Cincinnati Art Club, the second oldest art club in the nation. Excited to be a part of a great show!


I was inspired to paint this when I began coming out of a depression I had been stuck in. I realized I had been feeding myself all these negative thoughts for years and they finally made me collapse. Eventually I began slowly to re-inforce my positive thoughts, be more kind to myself and the more I did this the healthier I became.

Our thoughts are like the flow of water. In constant motion waterways begins as small brooks amassing to creeks then rivers that reach the ocean. Like rivers, our thoughts, actions, and beliefs practiced everyday build and become deeper. For myself I had to recognize the negative thoughts and bad habits and began replacing them with more positive, healthier options. I do believe we have a choice to be happy, it just takes practice and discipline.

Tobacco Barn

Tobacco Barn

12″ x 24″ Oil on Panel

This painting was commissioned by the lovely Kamie Edwards as a gift to her brother. During their childhood years living in rural North Carolina the surrounding countryside was dotted with Tobacco Barns. Today little remain of these vestiges of time but to Kamie and her family these oddly shaped, run-down buildings hold sentimental value. There was a time when her brother worked in one of these barns.


I wanted to give this painting the emotion of the gift itself; To have a warm reminiscent and secluded composition where a person would feel comfortable. The scene is set in the hours of dusk where a warm sunset sky is setting and a clearance in the woods where the barn presents itself. For the barn I painted an old but in use barn with tobacco drying in the opening. The walls and roof have warm orange highlights.


This was my second painting created in this more impressionistic style using nothing but a palette knife after a quick sketch. What I really enjoy about this technique is how to create shapes and detail through color. This technique absolutely advanced my understanding of suggestion of detail. The tobacco leaves in the foreground were just a couple strokes with the knife and they fade into the shadows of the edges of the painting. What this does is suggest the field of plants in front of the barn without distracting the viewers eye from the subject in the middle ground.